Certified Human Resource (CHRA)

Through training and implementation of project management principals and processes, the organization can reap the benefits of clear communications; an understanding of performance expectations; vertical alignment of human resources (people) to drive strategic goals and objectives; and improve overall productivity.

Certified International Project Management (CIPM)

During this intensive course you will examine the delivery cycles that are routinely encountered in business today, discover tools and techniques that aid in managing the results of various categories of project structures and learn how to develop effective strategies to manage these projects.

Certified Marketing Analyst (CMA)

Chartered Marketing Analyst ™ Program will uncover marketing strategies and technologies which are essential for success in the global changing competitive landscape

Certified Financial Risk (CFRM)

Risk Management Certification has been designed to provide learners with a solid understanding of business risk and explains the strategies for managing risk efficiently. Enterprise Risk Management courses, focus primarily on operational, project and reputation risk management.

Master Quality Management

Quality managers evaluate, develop, and establish programs to ensure that the best products or services from a company are delivered. Their operational and managerial expertise enables them to make effective changes within an organization because of their knowledge of project management, quality engineering, ethical practices, production, supply chain management, operations management, and more.

Accredited Supply Chain Analyst (ASCA)

This course shall describe a contemporary and international supply chain management. The increasing integration of all functions of the firm requires that supply chain professionals must be aware of the impact that logistical decision-making.

Certified International OSHA Profesional (CIOP)

is a short training program supported by theories related to practical and systematic structured implementation that is equipped with a certification exam to obtain the competency of trainees.